Our story


The Martin Brothers, Aaron and Josh Martin, have always been passionate about Pizza. When we started to casually make our own home-made dough, we realised that there was plenty of room for improvement and thus prowled forums and cooking books to unearth the well-kept secrets of how to perfect our Pizzas. This obsession wasn’t just a passing phase, it was the start of a lifestyle for us!



Despite our continual development, the sheer determination to create truly authentic Neapolitan Pizzas led us to enrol into Bivero Pizza Academy in Florence, Italy, where we were intensively taught the art by the Master Pizzaiolo – Massimiliano Crocetti and his specialist team in May 2018. This involved practical lessons and service within their famous ‘Zero Zero Ristorante’ where we were assisting in serving high quality artisanal pizzas to over 150 Italian customers on a daily basis.

Upon returning we were keen to make Martin Bros. Pizza Co. a reality and got on with securing all of our equipment and shortlisting our numerous suppliers. We gained the invaluable commitment of the highly experienced Front-of-House operations guru, Vanessa Poludniak, and got on with arranging events and following our dreams!

'Pizza isn’t just a hobby for us; it has become a lifestyle.'


Designed with modernity in mind, our core set-up for events is a 3m x 3m heavy duty aluminium gazebo, stylishly printed with our logo and info. Our bespoke converted twin-axle trailer sits a professional Forni Valoriani wood-fired oven imported directly from Italy on top of it, allowing an extremely swift set-up and operating space.

Importantly, all Forni Valoriani Ovens are AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) licensed and are the only ovens in the UK to be DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) Licensed and have been awarded a clean air exemption certificate due to their low emissions ratings.

We can operate fully without electricity or gas and all of our ingredients are kept cool in commercial cool boxes, hygienically and in-line with food-safety regulations.



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